DryFired with GRIV and Evan
Two Swedes, Two Americans and  A Portuguese walk into a podcast.

Two Swedes, Two Americans and  A Portuguese walk into a podcast.

November 12, 2019

“Two Swedes, Two Americans and  A Portuguese walk into a bar.”


We talk over all kinds of fun. Swedish Rotten Fish, Swedish Health Care, Socialist Systems, 


Music is one of Swedish Exports - ABBA


We eventually get around to archery - 


 The new Hoyt Invicta


How the Hoyts are centered 


Is Vibration a measure of quality 



World Records and Gold Medals

World Records and Gold Medals

November 12, 2019

Mathew Russel & Jason Tabansky World Record, World Team Champships, 


We talk with Matthew Russell after his new world record outdoor score. USA Para Team Member Jason Tabansky joins us to talk about the World Record he shot at Outdoor Nationals. 


World Archery Scores



USA Archery Scores



Where are gonna hunt  




The new Hoyt Bows 


Tasmanian Devils, Drop Bears and Trash Pandas Oh My!

Tasmanian Devils, Drop Bears and Trash Pandas Oh My!

September 17, 2019

This week Evan and I are with #HORNETPOWERAustralia Stars, Devilliers Duvenage and Matt Everett. AND it's My Birthday! 


Topics - 

New Hoyt Product Rumors 

Twirl Gate - Get your Yes We Can Protest Tees at www.HornetPower.net 

World Outdoor News 

A dingo on your forearm

ASMR in archery 

You can't say FITA anymore 

and much more!


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We Really DryFired this one! oops

We Really DryFired this one! oops

September 17, 2019

This is a short one! but on the bright side we have a new name! 


I decided to upload this one for fun. it's all about #BeeReal and stuff happens! 



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Episode #1 We need a good name! and other stuff

Episode #1 We need a good name! and other stuff

September 17, 2019

Welcome to Episode #1 (we don’t have a name yet)


We don’t have a name for this ramble on archery yet but we are going to have some fun. Hang out with us and enjoy archery with us as we go over the topics of the day and cover everything from what’s going on to tips, coaching advice, and whatever else comes to mind. 


Seminar at Archery World in Fairfield, OH






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Chris Bee’s camera clip


Game of Thrones Audio Books



Terry Ragsdale in action



Training Targets